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Welcome to The Saarthi International School

Guidelines to parents

  • Check your child’s school diary every day. Teacher’s remarks should be noted and signed.
  • Inquire about your child’s progress at least once in a month.
  • Students should complete the home work regularly.

Parents should encourage their children to take part in all extracurricular activities

  • Parents should send their children in the specified school uniform and on time. The Physical Education Director is the competent authority to check the uniform.
  • Parents are equally responsible for the safe passage of the child to and from the school.
  • Students are not allowed to wear or bring valuables like expensive watches, gold ornaments, cameras and cell phones.
  • Use of foul language is forbidden inside the school campus. Any student found using such language will be sent home or kept under suspension.  
  • Permission should be sought at the office inquiry to meet a student or staff for a genuine reason.
  • Parents should strictly avoid taking their children away from school during school hours for flimsy reasons. Parents should encourage their children to be present on the reopening day of each term and participate in all school functions.
  • A letter seeking permission from parent is necessary to avail leave.
  • Disrespect to teachers, school authorities and school properties should be avoided.
  • Parents are requested to maintain a separate file / diary for their wards for academic follow – up.
  • Parents ‘/ Guardians ‘are requested to respond to the calls from the school positively (if called).
  • Parents’ co-operation and involvement are mandatory for the discipline and academic progress of their wards.
  •  Parents are requested to return any object the child brings from the school that does not belong to him / her.